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Michele Waldron-Cooper is a fine artist based in Southampton, Hampshire. Currently she is developing her painting technique, trying to distract reality, morphing macabre elements to form grotesque and necrotic depictions, but at the same time hanging onto strands of this reality. Both of these elements are allowing her to let go and to paint with sensation, to hopefully cause the viewer to feel sensation, teasing the subject matter to form into paintings that are more from her imagination and creation which causes a disturbing finality within the works.


Michele also creates portraits of people that have a quirky aesthetic, capturing a true reflection of a persons’ character through oil paint and branching out to more gritty portraits that another may find slightly disturbing. Both emotion and form raise elements of tension finding beauty in the abnormal where the possibilities become endless. 

Darkness can sometimes create a blanket of primal emotions, a stifled scream, a gritting of your teeth or the feeling of suffocation and never being heard. The art Michele creates on one hand portrays this, but on the other hand her art defies this darkness to convey a confidence and light to present a kind of antithetical approach. 


Some of the pieces Michele chooses to make, are a response to helping her to forget that darkness and just make something bloody pretty to look at like 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop'. Life is too short for her and she has so many medias to develop, entwine and literally bulldoze through with her energy.


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Artist Statement

My work leans heavily towards a fantastical, disrupted, and painterly narrative with strands of realism. I am trying to paint with sensation and to free any inhibitions, letting go of overthinking and caring what others may think.


Some of the conclusions are a little disturbing and mysterious.

Exploring other mediums on top of oil paint to obtain new finishes, rethinking my colour palette, layering and transparency are helping me to  exaggerate certain characteristics of a person or animal. This helps to create new surfaces within my work. Pollyfilla is currently a new medium in exploration.


Sometimes these elements all merge. This creates an expressive emotion that resonates a dark humour. Certain elements can look distorted because the characteristic that fascinated me the most takes precedence in composition, which others may sometimes view as comical or dark, depending on the journey of that piece.

'To Posterity', a painting that helped to express anger and loss contained bone fragments painted from life. Holding a skull in one hand, and painting with the other at the same time. A new technique I'm developing. 

I work in many different mediums. Exploring, experimenting and continually trying to break down my own boundaries to achieve large, small or sculptural works and never being afraid to try the unknown. 

After all isn’t everything that is created subjectively thought about. Finding something fiercely personal and raw, causing sensation that draws the viewer in.

About Michele Waldron-Cooper

Since arriving on the professional scene in 2000, I’ve worked hard to capture and intrigue the art community. I gather much of my inspiration from personal experiences, the environment and cultures around the world.

Even though I create primarily for myself, my work has been well received by buyers and critics alike; a fact I don’t take lightly. If you would like to talk about working together, or if you have a specific project you would like to propose, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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